August 27, 1842 - Marietta, Ohio - MARY BEMAN GATES enters the world

Steve Magnusen August 27, 2020

The Gates home, corner of Fourth and Putnam.

Beman Gates: "We are parents! Can you believe it? Mr. and Mrs. Beman Gates are parents!”  An exhausted Betsey Sybil Shipman Gates, lying weak but peaceful now in her bed, smiles at her husband and replies, “Yes, dear, I very well know that we are parents.”

"They name the little girl Mary—­Mary Beman Gates in full. “Mary” after a sister of Beman’s who had recently died, and the middle name “Beman” for himself, that name deriving from his mother’s maiden name. Mary will be blessed to have parents such as Beman and Betsey who, at the time of her birth, are ages twenty-four and twenty-five, respectively, and had been married only ten months before."

"Betsey is a young lady with “delicate features and sparkling eyes” and a “bubbling spirit and keen wit somewhat subdued by shyness,” all producing “a rare combination of refinement and vivacity.”  Both parents possess personalities that foster a relaxed family household filled with wit and humor."


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